Four Fifths Of Students Don't Think Their Degree Is Worth The Money

Four Fifths Of Students Don't Think Their Degree Is Worth The Money

More than four fifths of students don't think their degree is worth the £8,000 or more they are paying for it, despite nearly 70% believing their degree has improved their employment prospects.

Student discount and deals website Student Money Saver asked 1000 students to value their degree in comparison to its cost.

The results of the survey showed that 81% of students valued their degree at less than they’re currently paying, with only 18% of students valuing their degree at £8000+, despite 73% of the students surveyed paying £8000+ for tuition.

81% of the students surveyed valued their degree at lower than what they were currently paying

James Felton, the editor of Student Money Saver, told The Independent: “The cause of this shocking 81 per cent statistic is most likely twofold. Students are dissatisfied with the fee-rise generally, and university course standards are not matching up to the fees being charged.”

Students were more optimistic about their degree increasing their earning potential. 69% agreed or strongly agreed that they would earn more because of it and only 9% thought that their degree would not help them earn more money once they had graduated.

Students are still optimistic that their degree will increase their earning potential

However, nearly a fifth of respondents (200 people) did not think they'd be able to cover the cost of their degrees during their lifetime.


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