17/12/2014 10:54 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Duchess Of Cambridge Dons A Hoodie And Jeans To Support Beaver Scouts


The Duchess of Cambridge usually steps out in something a little more demure, but she proved a dib dab hand at a more casual look as she donned a black hoodie, jeans and boots when she joined in with Beaver Scouts yesterday (December 16). Pregnant Kate visited the newly established 23rd Poplar Beaver Scout Colony in Bow to support The Scout Association's 'Better Prepared' campaign.

She then spent an hour helping six to eight-year-olds with activities to gain their Disability Awareness Award, including learning sign language before presenting the badges.


She joined a group of Beavers trying to cut up and eat Mars Bars using boxing gloves to simulate those with mobility or coordination problems.

She also had a go at eating a bit of chocolate bar using chopsticks.

"No pressure," the Duchess muttered to herself, as the cameras were trained on her.

At another table, Kate sat with a group of children trying to put icing on some fairy cakes while blindfolded.

She then used her Scout scarf to cover her face and show the children what they needed to do.

When she took her blindfold off she helped guide the hands of Fynley Gooch, seven, as he sat with a neckerchief covering his face and tried to squeeze icing over a fairy cake.

After she finished her cake decorating, the Duchess joined the 20 Beavers sitting in a circle and then, when everyone stood up, went around the circle, presenting each with a disability awareness badge, telling each Beaver: "Well done."

Then Kate joined all the Beavers in using sign language to say the Scout's Promise - 'I promise to do my best, to be kind and helpful and to love my world' - before singing along to their farewell song 'Goodnight Beavers'.


Kate started volunteering with the Scouts in January 2012 and her involvement saw an increase in adult volunteers, but the organisation says it still desperately needs 16,000 more volunteers to keep its groups across the country going.

'Better Prepared' is a new four year campaign to open Scouting groups in 200 of the country's most deprived areas.

Carlos Lopez, a Beaver Scout Leader, said: "Scout groups like the one that the Duchess is visiting this evening give young people access to some fantastic opportunities that they might not have access to otherwise.

"As someone who had never considered volunteering with The Scout Association until recently, I can't recommend it enough!

"It's a brilliant experience for those who love adventure and working with young people. Being a volunteer changed my life and I am proud I can change the life of the young people in the community in which I live and work."

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