19/12/2014 12:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

WIN An Imaginext® Battle Rover Worth £129.99!



Put kids in the driver's seat of a gigantic, alien-battling adventure. With its awe-inspiring size, kid-activated control panel and projectile-firing space shuttle, the Battle Rover is the ideal vehicle for engaging aliens, humans and young imaginations in inter-galactic battles that will last for hours or even days.

The kid-activated control panel puts them in command of the Battle Rover's movements, lights, sounds and phrases.

It is equipped with a light-up chamber that scans and detects aliens, a pull-out drill and saw, a crane to capture aliens, a small vehicle with space troopers to scour the area, two projectile launchers and a huge storage area for humans and captured aliens.

19 lights and more than 200 distinct phrases and realistic sound effects, including engine sounds, scanners, alarms, guns and much more, add to the space-age pretend play. When other Imaginext spaceships (sold separately) fire at the Rover, it responds with special sounds and phrases.

The Battle Rover also serves as the launching pad for a removable space shuttle that has its own projectile launchers, lights, phrases and sound effects– and can interact with the Rover.

The Battle Rover (RRP £129.99) is suitable for ages 3 – 8. For more information, visit

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