'The Voice' 2015: Rita Ora Appears In Weird New Trailer With Tom Jones, will.i.am, Ricky Wilson And A Singing Crow (PICS, VIDEO)

The first trailer to promote the new series of ‘The Voice’ has arrived… and it’s a bit of a strange one.

The bizarre clip sees all four of the judges - including new recruit, Rita Ora, who was announced as Kylie Minogue’s replacement earlier this year - out for a drink together, when they hear someone singing behind them, a nod to the show’s “blind auditions” stage.

The new 'Voice' line-up

When they turn around, they’re surprised to see that the mystery hopeful is actually a crow, performing the Ram Jam single ‘Black Betty’.

Rather than be in any alarmed about the bird’s surprise talent, or inquisitive about why it’s in the pub with them in the first place, the judges take the opportunity for an impromptu sing-a-long, and start clapping along and joining in.

They all turned around - what a talented crow

However, things quickly take a turn for the awkward (because all of these forced shenanigans weren’t awkward enough, evidently) when a waiter arrives with a cooked chicken, though it only interrupts the fun for a moment.

Exactly what all of this has to do with ‘The Voice’, we’re still not exactly sure, but it gives us an excuse to hear Sir Tom Jones’s booming singing voice, which is good enough for us.

This is the first time we’ve seen the new line-up together, and it’s great to see that Rita has settled in with will.i.am and Ricky Wilson so quickly (and that she’s left her appalling ‘Fifty Shades’ wig at home).

The fourth series of ‘The Voice’ kicks off next month on BBC One.

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