It's That Time Of Year When People Are Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests To 'Hold Onto Your Man'

Positive Pregnancy Tests Go Online In Time To 'Lock Your Man Down For Xmas'

While anyone desperate enough to buy a fake pregnancy test to make their partner to pop the question has serious relationship issues, we have to wonder at the people who actually flog them.

According to, a Craigslist ad has gone online offering positive pregnancy tests to "lock your man down for Christmas". It has since been taken offline, after investigations that it may be illegal.

The tests retail for around $20 and one ad reads: "I have positive pregnancy test for those of you who need a little help holding onto your man through the holidays, shoot me a message for $20 each."

Craigslist is no stranger to positive pregnancy tests - last year, HuffPost Women reported how one woman in Buffalo was selling them due to demand.

A police officer in Kansas, reported KCTV, said that if the test was used in such a way (ie, to dupe a man into committing to a relationship), it may constitute as blackmail.

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