UFO Spotted Spying On Apollo 12 Mission

UFO enthusiasts have found what they believe to be definitive proof that aliens were observing the Apollo missions.

The image is the latest of a number discovered by UFO Sightings Daily that show strange objects hovering near to the landing site of each Apollo mission.

This particular image is taken from Apollo 12 and shows an odd oval-shaped object mysteriously hovering in the distance.

Before any of us start putting radio telescopes in our back gardens it might be worth mentioning that this mission was in 1969 and while photographic equipment was impressive, it certainly wasn't flawless.

In fact Apollo 12 was the first mission to the Moon that featured a colour video camera, unfortunately it didn't survive for very long having been destroyed after one of the astronauts pointed it at the sun. As we say, not flawless.

If it isn't a UFO then the likelihood is that it's just some debris caught on the camera or an artefact that comes as a result of the developing process.