23/12/2014 11:23 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

5 Foods You'll Be Eating In 2015

Remember when it was all about kale? Well cauliflower just stole the limelight.

The food and drink buyers at Harvey Nichols have predicted the five biggest foods trends of 2015. Here's what you should be eating if you like to stay one step ahead...


1. Pisco
"There's no doubt that gin, particularly artisan gins, are continuing to have their moment in the spotlight, however in 2015 its Latin American counterpart Pisco will move to the forefront," says Harvey Nichols. "Leading the craft cocktail scene across London, 2015 will see untapped potential for Pisco as stylish bar goers and more adventurous drinkers are understanding that these are the spirits to be sipped, savoured and seen to be drinking." Try blending with fresh lemon or lime juice for a refreshing Pisco sour cocktail or mix with bitters for a Pisco martini.

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Herring salad with onions and baked potato

2. Scandinavian cooking
"After years of worshipping the Mediterranean diet, the food world will be looking to Scandinavian cuisine in 2015," says the department store. "Scandinavian cooking is about the best in quality and service, and with Copenhagen restaurant 'Noma' awarded "the best restaurant in the world" again in 2014; Scandinavian cuisine continues to build momentum in the UK." Pickled herrings, anyone?

Colorful Maple Leaf on Wet Board in Fall

3. Maple water
"Low in calories and cholesterol free, coconut water was the way to hydrate on the FROW; but with Beyoncé at the helm of the maple water trend; Canada's counterpart is set to take over in 2015," says the retailer. "Maple water is a natural hydration that boasts a subtle hint of maple flavour. It contains 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This refreshing beverage is naturally low in calories, gluten-free and dairy-free with more manganese than one cup of kale, and half of the sugar found in coconut water."

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4. Cauliflower
Move over kale, there's a new veg to eat as many ways as possible. "Cauliflower is high in fibre, immunity-boosting with vitamin C and vitamin K, known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is already being enjoyed by the fashion elite as low-carb alternatives such as cauliflower couscous or mashed cauliflower." Mmmm.


5. Beauty Boosters
"An increasing number of drinks manufacturers are bridging the gap with pharmaceutical companies and attempting to feed consumers' skin from within with 'beauty drinks'," say the experts. Look out for The Super Elixir - it's a green powder that blends 45 ingredients including iron-rich leafy veg, Chinese herbs that calm and aid digestion.

Fermented food is also said to be one of 2015's biggest health trends. Here are the books you need to know about: