‘EastEnders' Christmas Day Episode Review: Mick Carter Stunned By Shirley's ‘He's Your Brother' Announcement

'EastEnders' Review: Shirley Shocks With 'He's Your Brother' Outburst

For weeks, ‘EastEnders’ fans have been preparing for a blockbuster Christmas Day episode, and the Carter family drama certainly didn’t disappoint.

While we all knew Linda Carter would finally find the courage to tell Mick about Dean’s attack, Danny Dyer’s character faced another bombshell from Shirley Carter.

The Carter family have been torn apart

Before that, though, came Linda’s emotional chat.

With the family distracting Linda, Mick got to work readying the upstairs of The Vic, so that he could create the perfect setting for a marriage proposal.

As he prepped the bedroom, Dean appeared and things turned sour when Dean made a sexual comment about Linda, leading Mick to boot him out.

When Linda appeared, Mick made a heartfelt speech, though he was left stunned when she told him she couldn’t say yes, revealing that Dean raped her in their home months ago.

Mick launches himself at Dean

As expected, Mick was furious and when Dean arrived back at the Vic with Shirley by his side, viewers finally got to see the “explosive” reaction Danny had been promising.

It wasn’t over yet though, and in classic ‘EastEnders’ style, there was one more reveal in store.

As Mick did his best to beat Dean to a pulp, Shirley was the only one capable of stopping him, and she did so by screeching the words, “he’s your brother!”

Well, it wouldn’t be an ‘EastEnders’ Christmas without a pedigree “duff-duff” moment, would it?

Watch ‘EastEnders’ at 8pm on Boxing Day to see what happens next.


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