Mum Has Three Children All Born On Christmas Eve

Mum Has Three Children All Born On Christmas Eve
Hannah Montgomery

A mum who loves Christmas now has even more reason to celebrate every December, as all three of her children were born on Christmas Eve.

Hannah Montgomery, 32, from Thringstone, Leicestershire, says people never believe her when she tells them her children were all born on Christmas Eve.

"When I opened bank accounts for the kids, the woman in the bank came back to me with their birth certificates and asked: 'Is this right?'" Hannah tells Parentdish.

"People look at me like I'm mad and say, 'That was bad planning!'

"But it wasn't planning. I may love Christmas - I'd watch Christmas films in May if people would let me - but I didn't expect any of my children to be born on Christmas Eve. None of them were even due in December!"

Hannah's first baby Isobel was born five weeks early on Christmas Eve 2003.

"I woke up at about half past two on Christmas Eve morning and my waters had broken in my sleep," says Hannah. "So I called up the hospital and they told me to make my way in.

"I didn't actually have any labour pains til midday, but then within five hours Isobel was here - perfectly healthy, 6lbs 12 and a half ounces, and we were home for Christmas Day."

Six years later, Hannah was pregnant with twins who were due on Valentine's Day 2010.

"My friend kept telling me to go to the bookies and put a bet on the twins arriving on Christmas Eve. But I said there's no way I'll be having them then, it's too early."

"But I should have listened to my friend, because on the evening before Christmas Eve, I was feeling ill and my mum said to me 'You're in labour Hannah'. I said, 'No it's too early. There's bugs going around. I'm just poorly'.

"But my mum frogmarched me to the hospital and thank goodness she did because I was in labour and I had to have an emergency Caesarean, because the twins were poorly.

"If they hadn't given me the emergency Caesaerean they probably would have been stillborn."

Billy, the first of Hannah's twins to be born, weighed just 4lbs and had difficulty breathing at first.

Geordie was the second twin to be born. He weighed 4lbs 8oz and had a collapsed lung and pneumonia.

Both boys were looked after on an intensive care ward.

"It was horrible. No one should spend their Christmas that way," says Hannah. "Sitting between two incubators, not knowing what's going to happen, you feel so helpless.

"I also felt sad for Isobel because she didn't have me at home for her birthday, Christmas or New Year. She missed out on a lot.

"But the nurses were brilliant, they made the best of a bad situation. They really were fantastic."

Hannah Montgomery

The boys were allowed home after four weeks and are now active five-year-olds who keep their mum busy.

After the turmoil of 2009, Hannah is determined to make every Christmas - and birthday - extra special for her children.

"We do go town with presents," says Hannah. "I've got massive wardrobes in my bedroom that go from ceiling to floor, in December there's no clothes in them, just presents!"

"It's wonderful to see their little faces, especially the twins. When you've had a baby that's premature and has been so poorly and clung onto life so desperately, their milestones are just so much more important to you."

The only downside to having a birthday so close to Christmas, Hannah says, is that it can be hard to gather together friends for a birthday party.

"People tend to be busy in the run up to Christmas, which isn't much fun for a ten-year-old little girl that wants her friends to come and have sleepovers and do parties, but there's not much you can do about that.

"But every year we have a big family party at my uncle's house. We all turn up armed with food and my uncle puts on a spread. There's a real party atmosphere as we are a really big family - twins run in our family."

And it's not just twins that run in Hannah's family - it seems Christmas Eve birthdays have become something of a family tradition too!

"The year after I had the twins, my sister had her baby on Christmas Eve," says Hannah.

"It must be the excitement that brings on the labour! Santa's coming and I don't want to cook my own dinner. That's what it must be!"

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