27/12/2014 14:13 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jessie J Shares Christmas Holiday Beach Photos (Jel)

Jessie J has jetted off for a Christmas holiday in Mexico - and has been sharing her frolicking festive fun photos on Instagram.

Instagram/Jessie J

The singer can be seen on a beautiful white sandy beach looking happy and relaxed in a teeny red strapless bikini.

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However, she took time out to hit back at some 'haters' on Twitter, writing:

"#currentmood this was yesterday but I feel the same today 😁🙋#holidaytime. Had to come back and edit this caption... It's a shadow people, rest your negative thumbs this Christmas. Or maybe forever? Lol, New Year's resolution maybe?

"And to all the women (and men might I add) saying my vagina is out "is that a line doe" you said doe?! Lmao! Get a grip, OH and you really need to go to the doctors if yours comes up that high!! #justsaying #sorrynotsorry I am living and happy and feeling confident.

"Isn't that we want women to be? Lucky I'm thick skinned. People trying to dull my shine. Come at me! I'm ready. Factor 60 bug spray the lot mate! I bet you just mad you got crocs for Christmas... Smh." Told.

A few days ago Jessie gave us a little hint about where's she holidaying by tweeting a picture of her Aero Mexico plane. She wrote: "Last flight of the year! Woooooo! #holidaytime."