Mum Shields Son From Boobs On TV And Becomes An Unwitting Viral Star

A son has turned his mother into an unwitting viral star after capturing on camera the moment she held a towel in front of the TV to shield him from seeing bare boobs.

Redditor DantesInfernape shared the picture online and said that he found the moment extra amusing because he's 22 years old and gay.

DantesInfernape went on to explain that his mum 'never shook the uncomfortability of seeing nudity with her children'

"After getting up to cover the screen for a second time during more boobage, she ended up reaching for the remote and just turning it off," he wrote.

Much to DantesInfernape's delight, other Reddit users quickly got to work doing what they do best - Photoshopping his towel-wielding mum into other images.

"I would be absolutely elated and honored if my mother covering things with a towel became a thing," he wrote. "The two I've seen so far have put me in stitches."

His wish was very quickly granted...

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