31/12/2014 11:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Brings Toddler's Weird And Wonderful Ideas To Life


Toddlers say the funniest (and weirdest) things - and parents often struggle to remember the best bonkers lines after a few years.

So dad Martin Bruckner decided to immortalise his two-year-old daughter's own peculiar world view by turning her best observations into quirky drawings.

Martin originally came up with the idea as a Mother's Day gift for his wife, Michelle, after noticing that their daughter, Harper Grace, had an... interesting philosophy.

"I went down to my basement a couple of days later, and just scribbled these out in Photoshop with an airbrush tool," he told Today.

Now posted to a Facebook page he has called Spaghetti Toes, in honour of the first drawing he ever made for her, Martin now has dozens of pictures illustrating the wacky world of Harper, now aged three.

Some of Harper's greatest hits include 'My hair is super creepy', 'My brain's not done cooking' and 'Mommy, are you wearing your angry eyebrows?'

But Martin's favourite is one that is close to his heart: 'I love you, Princess Daddy', reads one poster, duly illustrated with a heavily bearded princess.

And thanks to his day job as a web designer, Martin's pictures are often so creatively and beautifully rendered that he has even had requests for customised T-shirts decorated with one of Harper's slogans.

But, artistic talent aside, Martin says that the real secret to his success is that mums and dads can identify with the everyday weirdness life with a toddler that his artwork evokes.

"Parents can obviously relate," he said. "I've gotten thousands and thousands and thousands of comments of what their children have said. They all love to share their own, because they've all heard these ridiculous things."

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