31/12/2014 09:22 GMT | Updated 01/01/2015 17:59 GMT

Pictures Of The Year: Press Association's Most Striking Images of 2014 (PHOTOS)

When we reflect on 2014, what images come to mind?

Was your favorite image Nigel Farage being egged or when Wenger and Mourinho squared up to each other? Or was it when The Queen had everyone at the edge of their seats during her Game of Thrones visit?

Press Association (PA) photographers bring the photos to us to that encapsulate the news we read, share and laugh at on a daily basis.

Covering many events with thousands of pictures loaded to the site everyday, from breaking news to entertainment from across the world.

PA photographer Owen Humphreys tells HuffPost UK about some of the beautiful and more memorable shots he took in 2014.

Snow drifts over a farm in Teesdale, County Durham after an overnight downfall

The Teesdale snow scene was the first of this years winter and with the sun backlighting it, giving the arctic feel, as the snow drifted over the farm house with temperatures down to minus two.

Starlings starting their murmuration as dusk falls near Gretna Green on the England and Scotland border

The Starling murmuration picture was one of my favourites in the set, after three separate visits to the Scottish boarders near gretna I got the shapes I was after, the starlings are here from November to January and perform this every evening for around 20 minutes.


An Aurora is seen on the horizon behind Bamburgh Lighthouse in Northumberland

The Aurora has been the hardest image to capture and has given me great satisfaction in photographing it. Normally seen in the highlands of Scotland, Norway and Iceland so capturing it in Northumberland was great after several visits with no success it was great to see this spectacle.


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