02/01/2015 04:26 GMT | Updated 02/01/2015 04:59 GMT

The Broon F8 Is An Android-Powered Electric Supercar For Kids

Lets get one thing out of the way now: The Broon F8 is a toy. It's an electric car for ages four and below. It has tiny seats, tiny wheels and goes at 10mph.

There's a problem with this conclusion however which is that while the Broon F8 is indeed a toy, it's also an electric supercar that runs Google's Android operating system, has four-wheel drive, comes with LED headlights, a full touchscreen infotainment system and has intelligent drive assist.

This is a toy.

broon f8

If for whatever reason you didn't want to drive in this bite-sized supercar you can turn it into the world's largest remote controlled car thanks to a provided controller.

There's bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses and thanks to a self-analysis system, the car provides excellent handling as it distributes the power to the wheels based on terrain.

broon f8

Remarkably, Henes -- the South Korean firm which is planning to sell this micro machine -- says it'll only cost you $1000.

Considering a top-of-the-range iPad Air 2 isn't too far off that, you wonder why you wouldn't just buy the car instead.