Dubai Is Getting An Artificial Snow Resort On An Island

Dubai Building Artificial Snow Resort On Tropical Island

Dubai seems to be defying all expectations. When you think that a place couldn't get more luxurious, or more of anything, someone else comes along with billions of dollars and proves you wrong.

This latest 'more' is the news that Dubai will be getting its very own snow resort. Called The Heart of Europe it'll be a collection of six islands that'll have their own micro-climate boasting snow, rain and ice.

How? Well it turns out that if you spend enough money you really can make the impossible, possible. Using a fantastically complex network of pipes, huge snow cannons and rain dispensers the island can be covered in snow, rain and drizzle while cooling pipes will lower the surface temperature allowing the snow to settle.

The system is recyclable as well thanks to a network of drains that'll collect the water and snow and then reintegrate it back into the process, creating a micro climate.

German property developer Kleindienst Group is behind the bold vision and says that it has already carried out successful trials of the technology which will form the foundation of the complex when construction begins in 2016.

The company also hopes to share its technology with the rest of Dubai allowing it to snow in the city centre during Christmas or to create small weather fronts within the city's enormous Mall of the World.


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