What Was Your Most Cringe-Worthy Moment As A Teenager? Here Are Some Of The Funniest

Most Cringe-Worthy Teenager Moments Revealed - What Are Yours?

Picking the most cringe-worthy moment from our teenage years is quite the task - how do you choose from so many?

Speaking personally, mine includes bumping into an ex-boyfriend while wearing a Fido-Dido t-shirt, a crochet waistcoat, purple jeans and a crazy deer-hunter hat, thinking, 'Man, I bet he's only just realised what he's missing.' While strutting off into the distance.

On Reddit, user WylekyoteROTMG posed the question, and nearly 10,000 people answered. The comments of course, are hilarious.

So take a look and tell us your cringe-worthy moment below, or tweet us @HuffPoLifestyle.

Most Cringe-Worthy Teenage Moments According To Reddit