02/01/2015 07:01 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Puts Her Baby In A Designer Handbag. Cue Social Media Hysteria


A mum's 'joke' has backfired after a photo of her carrying her baby in her designer handbag went viral, prompting criticism from online commenters.

Xue Hsueh, 26, from China, popped her nine-month-old son into her tote bag and posed for a photo while out with friends.

Hsueh was so tickled by the shot of her son stuffed into the bag that she decided to share it online.

The photo quickly went viral and not everyone saw the funny side of Huseh's unusual choice of baby carrier, with many people drawing comparisons with stars like Paris Hilton who like to carry miniature dogs in their handbags.

Metro reports that a commenter known as WuLei34 responded: 'Designer babies, the latest accessory that every woman must have,'

While LucyX added: 'I wonder what she will do when the straps break on her handbag?'

However, Hsueh has defended herself, writing online that her baby was only in the handbag very briefly.

She added that her son thought it was fun being in the bag and she had actually been making a joke about what childcare would be like if it was left to men - what with their tendency to carry things in handbags?!!

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