02/01/2015 05:14 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Should Duchess Kate Be Making More Royal Appearances?

With her flawless hair, perfect poise and dazzling smile, we can't get enough of our favourite royal, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Unfortunately, of the 15 royals, she's the one performing the fewest public duties.

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An unofficial survey by the Daily Mail found that Duchess Kate attended 76 royal engagements in 2014, compared to 200 attended by 93-year-old Prince Philip.

The 88-year-old Queen was spotted at a whopping 375 engagements, occasionally performing as many as six in a day, according to the publication. Prince Charles also had a non-stop year with over 450 royal visits.

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While the Duchess of Cambridge is actively involved in charities like the East Anglia Children's Hospices, according to aides, she wants to focus on being a wife and mother in her early years as a royal.

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Sources tell the publication that she has the Queen's backing. And with three living generations of heirs to the throne, there are plenty of people available to shoulder the royal responsibilities.

"There are more than enough senior members of the Royal Family to undertake the annual number of public duties required," a courtier told the Daily Mail.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has had a busy couple of months, travelling with her husband across the East Coast of America and helping a Beaver Scout group earn a disability awareness badge in December.

She's also been ensuring Prince George is the pinnacle of adorable - we can't get enough of those Christmas photos. In fact, when will he start doing more royal engagements?