05/01/2015 06:56 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Little Girl's First Time On The Ice (Video)


A little girl takes her first steps on the ice in this cute and funny video - and the outcome is exactly what you'd expect. But it's just too good to look away!

The video, which has had over half a million views on Youtube, is a classic example of 'you know it's coming'.

It shows a toddler wrapped in an enormous pink snowsuit toddling uncertainly over a patch of ice on a woodland path.

From the start, there's absolutely no doubt in the viewer's mind that this little girl is going to have a close-up view of the ice before she's through. The only question is when.

About halfway through, the little girl seems to lose her footing, throwing up her arms with that universal 'Oh crap, I'm falling!' look of panic on her face. But she manages to stay upright - even though we all know that it can't last.

When she finally does fall, in fact, it's in the form of q hilariously deadpan slide to the floor. As her head touches the ground, she comes to a slumped-over halt, apparently resigned to a life stuck on the ice.

We can't help but admire her style, which is valuable ice advice to us all - go down gracefully, don't fight the fall, and wait for someone to pick you up!

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