05/01/2015 09:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Mum Places Bet That She'll Give Birth On Christmas Day...For The Second Time!


A pregnant mum has put a bet on giving birth on Christmas Day for the second time.

Catherine Hunter, 35, from Sunderland, has put a £50 bet on her newborn arriving on December 25 – just like her first daughter, Rebecca, did in 2012.

And if her new baby makes the timely arrival, Catherine stands to make £1,200.

Catherine told her local paper: "It was the best Christmas present ever when Rebecca arrived, but I'd had an 18-hour labour ahead of her delivery by emergency Caesarean section on Christmas Day.

"I just had a feeling that knowing my luck our second baby would arrive on the same day despite being due 13 days later on January 7, so I asked about the odds with bookies William Hill.

"I was told I could have a bet at 25-1, so I've placed £50 on it and that would make for a great extra Christmas present.

"If we were going down the planned Caesarean route then our baby would be born around New Year's Day, but I've a feeling I might have started a family tradition with Rebecca arriving on Christmas Day.

"Rebecca was due on New Year's Day and arrived on Christmas Day, but this time I am expecting an early arrival and it had to be worth a bet on lightning striking twice."

Catherine added: "Rebecca is our best Christmas present ever as we'd been trying for a while to have a baby.

"This year my mother-in-law Jean is buying the turkey and cooking the dinner, but it is our luck that we'll miss the dinner and I'll be in the delivery room instead.

"I thought if I didn't place the bet then it was bound to happen, so felt it was worth a flutter.

"I only ever place a bet once a year on the Grand National and now on a Christmas baby."

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