06/01/2015 05:39 GMT | Updated 07/01/2015 22:59 GMT

CES 2015: Star Wars Headphones, Remotely Controlled BMWs And Curved Smartphones

CES 2015 is now fully underway with the self-tightening belts now out of the way, the major tech companies have hit the floor to start showing us their vision of the future.

So what does the future look like? Well Sony's vision shows us a world where we'll be playing music using light and attaching tiny screens to our glasses.

Look at the rest of the conference and it's equally as science fiction. Energous has unveiled its latest plan to make sure we never have to plug our gadgets in ever again by powering them, wirelessly.

Using a router, the box sends WiFi signals to your devices. They then convert that WiFi into usable energy.

Of course CES wouldn't be CES without 50 Cent, obviously. The rapper's headphone company SMS Audio is back in full force with a brand-new range of Star Wars headphones. The depressing truth is they might actually be really good.

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