06/01/2015 12:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Happy Ending For Family Left Stranded In Disney Florida After Bank Mix-Up

Liverpool Echo

A family left stranded in Disney Florida after a mix-up with their bank have been given a cash lifeline.

The Lawless family were surviving on nothing but crisps when they were denied access to holiday funds.

But they can now enjoy the last few days of their holiday before they return home to Warrington on January 10 after publicity by their local paper.

Mum and dad Nicola and David Lawless and their daughters Abbie, 15, and Hollie, 12, were down to their last $50 when their bank Natwest prevented them from loading money onto their Thomas Cook Cash Passport account.

But after inquiries by the Liverpool Echo, it was discovered there had been a breakdown in communication between the bank and the travel agent causing a delay in transferring money.

Nicola, 35, had transferred cash to spend on their Florida holiday to the Thomas Cook Cash Passport system before they went away.

But when the account ran low, she made a £740 payment from her Natwest account to the travelcard.
Natwest then reserved this money for the transfer, but claim Thomas Cook 'didn't take this money' – leaving both accounts empty and the family desperate for help.

Thankfully, this has now been sorted out.

A NatWest spokesman told the paper: "We sent a payment from our customers' account on the 31st December, as requested, which was not then processed by the travel company.

"The pending payment has now been returned to the customer and we have offered a goodwill payment to cover any calls she may have had to make to us to resolve this issue. We hope the family can continue to enjoy their holiday with our best wishes".

Natwest have sent Nicola a £400 refund for the costs of expensive overseas phone calls to sort out the problem.

Meanwhile, Thomas Cook said that 'any resolution of this matter lies with Natwest.'

A spokesperson said: "We are concerned to learn of the challenges currently being encountered by Ms Lawless while on holiday in the US.

"As this issue is with regards to Ms Lawless being unable to access funds from her bank account, any resolution to this matter lies with Natwest.

"However, our cash passport team are endeavouring to contact the party to see what assistance we might be able to provide."