06/01/2015 16:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Jaws' Themed Baby Bed Creates Waves


When your best friend has a baby, you want to welcome the new arrival in style. Some give babygrows, some give silver spoons - and some give a handmade Jaws-themed bed!

Joseph Reginella works for Themendous, a company which makes customised props - so when he found out that best pal Mark Melaccio and his wife Cindy were expecting a baby boy, he put his skills as a sculptor and designer to work to come up with the perfect gift.

The result? A perfect foam replica of an unforgettable shark attack scene from 1975 blockbuster Jaws', which on closer inspection turns out to be a baby bed. Sweet dreams, kid!
The impressive model depicts the iconic moment that Quint (Robert Shaw) is gruesomely chomped by the Great White as it attacks his boat. Only, this version has a nice soft deck, letting little Mikey doze off with his feet cosily tucked inside the beast's mouth. D'aww!

Joseph told Crave that he got the idea when his company constructed a made-to-order aeroplane bed for a young client.

"I thought it would be funny if someone would order a terrifying bed instead of something mainstream," he explained. He then worked to make his idea a reality, before presenting a surprised Mark and Cindy with the off-kilter gift over Christmas.

Luckily, baby Mikey seems to have taken to his unusual bed. Dad Mark posted a cute snap to Facebook showing the two-month-old looking smiley and relaxed, rather than petrified.

And when Mikey outgrows the cosy crib, Mark and Cindy will surely tell Joseph: "We're gonna need a bigger bed." Sorry, we couldn't resist that one!

The quirky gift has gone viral since Mark originally shared a picture of his son enjoying Joseph's creation to Facebook last week, appearing in national and international media.

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