06/01/2015 07:50 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Parents Shop Teenage Sons To Police After Burglary Is Caught On CCTV


A mum and dad turned their two teenage over to the police after they saw CCTV footage of them burgling a shop.

The 14 and 16-year-old were caught on surveillance cameras stealing from the store in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The footage was then shown on American TV news – which was watched by the brothers' parents.

When they recognised their teenage sons the mum and dad had no hesitation in 'doing the right thing' and took the boys to the police station.

Jesse Hill, the co-owner of the store Tech Boyz, told ABC News: "I'm just glad the parents decided to do the right thing."

The video, which aired on New Year's Eve, showed five teenagers breaking into the store at around 3.30am and taking off with laptops, cell phones, and other items.

Police said the parents told detectives that their sons were supposed to be staying with an older sibling that evening. The boys said they decided to go out with friends, and gave in to peer pressure.

Another 17-year-old involved in the break-in was arrested and police are still trying to identify the final two teens in the video.

Mr Hill said he and his business partner had lost thousands of dollars because of the store front damage, extra security measures they've set in place, and customer reimbursements. The mobile phones belonged to people who had dropped them off to be repaired.

He said: "To the ones who turned them in, thank you. I hate it it's your kids, but thank you for doing the right thing."

When asked whether he had a message for the boys, Mr Hill said: "I hope you learned a lesson."