06/01/2015 09:38 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Watch A Little Boy Hear His Mum's Voice For The First Time

Youtube/Jennifer Aprea

A two-year-old boy hears his mum's voice for the first time after his life-changing cochlear implants are switched on - and his reaction is adorable!

The cute clip shows Ryan Aprea sitting on mum Jennifer's lap while the implants are activated. When his mum cuddles him, saying "Hi, buddy!", he immediately starts to giggle as he finally hears his mum's voice.

Ryan had an operation last month to give him cochlear implants, which can transform the lives of people with certain kinds of deafness.

The degree of hearing which can be achieved varies according to the patient, so Jennifer and husband David did not know how their son would react when the implants were activated, which made his joyful reaction all the better.

"We went into the appointment not knowing if he would respond at all," Jennifer explained to Today. "Throughout this process, they had informed us that while sound would enter his brain, every child has a different response."

He may only be two years old, but Ryan has already proved himself to be a fighter. Born at just 25 weeks, he spent the first seven months of his life in a neonatal intensive care unit, where Jennifer and David were told that he was deaf and partially sighted.

Yet, as this video shows, his early ordeal hasn't affected his spirits and, now two, he is finally able to engage more with the world around him. Since the implants were switched on, Ryan has been enjoying exploring toys which make noises.

Even better, he will now be able to enjoy the family's yearly tradition of driving around the neighbourhood looking at Christmas displays while listening to festive hits.

Jennifer says that, even though the implants have only been on for a few days, the difference in Ryan's behaviour has been remarkable.

"He's been interacting with us and giving us more intentional eye contact just in the few days since he's had it turned on," she said. "My heart melts every single time he looks at me."

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