Here's Bill Gates Drinking Water That Used To Be Poo

Bill Gates Has Been Drinking Sewage, Sort Of

Bill Gates has been drinking sewage. It's not a statement you hear every day and if we're being really picky then it's also not strictly true.

What he has actually been doing is drinking water that was -- just five minutes previous -- sewage. How? The Janicki Omniprocessor.

Developed by Janicki Bioenergy it's a machine that can take human waste and in just five minutes convert it into electricity, ash and clean drinking water.

This incredible machine has rather understandably caught the attention of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which believes that it could present an ingeneous solution to the problem that is providing safe drinking water to third-world countries.

The Omniprocessor would be bought and run by an independent owner, in return for providing the free drinking water they'd be paid for the electricity it generated and for the ash that can then be used as fertiliser.


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