07/01/2015 07:22 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' First Baby Is A Girl

A tweet written by a person who claims to work at the Westchester Medical Centre in New York has revealed that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' first child is a girl called Violet.


On Monday, the New York Post's Page Six reported that the 27-year-old actress gave birth near her home in Bedford, New York in December, but the gender and name of her baby were not known.

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However, soon after the baby news broke, this tweet let the details slip...

"Congrats @blakelively #blakelively glad to have you and baby girl violet in our care," wrote Twitter user @kimbanksy.

So, did Blake and Ryan really name their first born after a pretty shade of purple? Sources have since confirmed to Page Six that while the couple's baby is a girl, her name might not be Violet.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Become Parents

Blake announced her pregnancy on her lifestyle blog Preserve in October 2014. She shared this picture - taken by her brother Eric Lively - of her cradling her small bump.


"It's something that I've always wanted ever since I was a little girl..." Blake told US Weekly after the news broke. "I knew I wanted to have a lot of kids because I had come from a big family so it was always important to me. So it's just the excitement of that finally being here."

We're sure Blake will be sharing the story behind her baby's real name on Preserve very soon.

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