06/01/2015 14:22 GMT | Updated 07/01/2015 04:00 GMT

Nose Muffs Actually Might Just Work Despite Their Resemblance To Penis Pouches

Your gran suspected it all along but now science has proven that the common cold prefers to settle and cause wintery misery in a cold nose.

A US study subjected the virus at a nose temperature of 33C, before comparing how it replicated at a normal body temperature of 37C.

Because of the lower temperatures in the nose, the immune system was weaker and the cold could proliferate more leading to more characteristic snot and sneezing.

But fear not because help is at hand in the form of the highly functional yet fashionably-dubious nose muff.


Yup, these are actually a thing.

There's a whole website dedicated to them.

They come in a range of colours, fabrics and designs to suit your every nose-warming need.

Although, it does remind us of this... (NSFW, SCROLL TO AFTER SLIDESHOW).

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