08/01/2015 05:02 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Amazing Video Shows How A Baby Grows Inside A Woman's Body

Pregnant? Prepare to be amazed.


This fantastic time-lapse video shows you just how amazing the human body really is.

The short clip, 'This is how a woman's organs shift when pregnant', was uploaded to YouTube a while ago, but caught our eye on Twitter thanks to @fascinatingvids.

It shows the incredible work our bodies do from conception through to birth, with organs moving around to accommodate a growing baby and skin stretching out to allow for movement and growth.

The original clip was taken at the Museum of Science and Industry. It gives a glimpse into what's actually going on inside your tummy during those nine months before you meet your baby.

If you fancy seeing what happens next, don't miss this amazing stop motion ultrasound showing how a baby is born during labour and birth.

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