08/01/2015 11:51 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

This Philippines School Will Teach You How To Be A Mermaid

There's a school in the Philippines where you can learn how to be a real-life mermaid. Yes, really.

We thought we'd had our fill of mermaid news this week when we stumbled across 19-year-old Andrea Liguori who'd just realised her dream of swimming around in a sparkly bikini top and a fishtail.

The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy was founded just a few years ago by mermaid-loving duo Anamie Saenz and Normeth Preglo and now teaches students to focus their core muscles and swim around like Ariel.

But not only that, the school also offers mermaid scuba diving and mermaid water scootering.

Arabella Jimenez, one of the mermaid academy instructors, said: "We have this notion that mermaids are beautiful, playful, fun, adventurous and graceful so this is what we want to impart to the [students]."

Mermaid tricks such as dolphin kicks, hand stands and blowing a kiss under water are also taught in the classes, as well as how to possess the grace and elegance of a mermaid.

But for those reluctant to dive in, they can just have a mermaid makeover and photo shoot.

At just £24 for an introductory class - a price which includes a mermaid tail to call your own and a set of photos of you taking part in the spectacle - your fishy dream could very well become a reality. Hmmm, how much are flights to the Philippines?

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