08/01/2015 12:36 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Tour De France Winner's Attempt To Kiss A Girl On Stage Totally Backfired

Cyclist Vincenzo Nibali went in to kiss a female presenter after winning stage two of the Tour de France and got totally rejected.

If there's anything worse than being turned down, it's being turned down with millions of people watching while wearing extremely tight lycra pants.

The Italian was presented with a yellow jersey, a bouquet of flowers and a cuddly toy when he came first in stage two of the race in Yorkshire, but after successfully pecking one of the podium girls on each cheek he got totally jilted by the second.

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It was awkward. It was embarrassing. And we had to watch the video through our fingers.

Watch the video here:

Nibali leans in, the presenter slips a hand round his back, it all looks like it's going to plan and then, at the last moment, she withdraws and turns away. Ahhh.

Nibali tried to brush off the shunning, but there was no mistaking what had just happened.

Maybe he had bad breath?

Etiquette expert Diana Mather laid blame at the door of the podium girl, telling the Telegraph: "You have to expect that to happen when you're up on the podium.

"She's even put her hand round his back and she's leaning in, for goodness sake. She's absolutely in the wrong to turn away.

"It's a cultural mismatch here. In France, Italy and Spain you might kiss women up to four times when you meet them, which makes it a nightmare getting into parties," she added.

So you don't make the same mistake check the video below for all the kissing etiquette you'll ever need...

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