08/01/2015 06:06 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

TV Presenter Quentin Willson's Teenage Son Saves Little Sister's Life


TV presenter Quentin Willson has told how his 16-year-old son saved his little sister's life after she put her hand through a pane of glass.

Teenager Max - who has Asperger's syndrome - rushed to help his 10-year-old sister Mini after she severed an artery while they were on holiday at the family's French château.

Their former Top Gear presenter dad was in Britain working and their mum was out at the time of the accident and the panicked teenager did not know the address of the rural house to call emergency services.

Instead he attempted to stem the bleeding by using a towel, some duct tape, a place mat and a dog lead to hold it in place.

He then remembered they kept wine produced at the vineyard in the château cellar and rushed to grab a bottle so he could find the address on the label.

The teenager searched Google to find out how to ring emergency services in France before using a translator to explain to authorities what happened.

Through his directions, paramedics were able to find the estate and take his sibling, who was nine at the time of the accident, to hospital for treatment.

Max told the Mirror (whose dad Quentin works for as a columnist): "I knew time was of the essence. You could bleed out with a wound like that.

"I put a red towel on a sign close to the house so they would know where to come to.

"At the end of the ordeal, I realised it's pretty amazing what you can do under pressure."

Quentin said: "l'm enormously proud of him. For Max to cope like that on his own in a foreign country it makes his achievement even more impressive.

"Had he not acted so quickly, Mini might not be here now."