Snorting Chocolate Is Now A Thing, Apparently (And Producers Claim It's Calorie Free)

Rachel Husband via Getty Images

A machine that helps you snort chocolate is now available worldwide, because eating it is so 2014.

Those cocoa-loving Belgians are thought to have invented choco-snorting, with the first apparatus of its kind invented in 2008 by Dominique Persoone.

Persoone's 'Chocolate Shooter' is now available worldwide, with one Canadian shop offering cocoa bumps for only two Canadian dollars each.

Mary Jean Dunsdon's Licorice Parlour also offers the full kit for £72 ($109) so you can get your fix at home, using a tiny catapult to throw cocoa powder into your nasal cavity.

She told The Province: "When you snort it you kind of experience chocolate for a couple hours very subtly - without the calorie intake. It hits all the same pleasure receptors in the brain as if you were eating it."

Belgian chocolate enthusiast Persoone created the innovative machine when he was tasked with providing the dessert at Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood's birthday party.

He decided to offer the sweet as a snortable rather than an edible, including ginger and mint to open the sinuses. This allows the chocolate to go 'straight to your brain', he says.

The Chocolate Shooter is also available from Persoone's website, The Chocolate Line.

So far, 25,000 of his contraptions have already been sold worldwide.

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