'Dying Light' Zombie Parkour Video Is Intense, Real And Scary As Hell

Video games have never been very good at realism when it comes to the zombie apocalypse.

For instance, while we're sure the upcoming zombie game 'Dying Light' is an intense experience, its depiction of rotting, dead corpses who are able to perform parkour moves like world champions is probably a little beyond the realm of possibility, even for a disaster that by definition doesn't exist.

Regardless, it does look awesome. And in a new promo clip by Ampisound (the creators of the Mirrors Edge POV viral hit) and Techland, they've turned the idea into an even-more-amazing real life parkour video. Plus zombies.

Check it out. We can't tell what's scarier - the prospect of being eaten alive, or having to recreate some of the death-defying jumps in this video.