09/01/2015 06:36 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kids Learning About Sex For The First Time

You may expect talking to your children about sex for the first time to be a bit awkward or embarrassing- but surprisingly it can also be adorable and very very funny.

Nine mums and dads were filmed sitting down to have 'the talk' with their son or daughter and the resulting footage captures not only the children's hilarious reactions, but also the parents' often cringe-inducing struggle to explain 'the birds and the bees'.

In the video, which was made for US lifestyle website, one father is surprised by how knowledgeable his son already is.

"Sperm egg collide, blah blah blah," the boy says.

Shocked, the dad replies: "What do you mean sperm egg collide? Where did you learn that from?"

The boy confesses: "Nick, duh, my brother."

The dad then asks: 'What else does he tell you?' to which the boy replies with glee: 'Bad stuff.'

However for the majority of the children this is the very first time they have heard about sex and - as children are wont to do in the absence of any facts - they have come up with their own inventive explanations for where babies come from.

One child informs his astounded mother that she has 'some kind of hole here like an igloo', pointing to her stomach.

Another girl responds to her father's question about what makes him a man and her mother a woman, with the obtusely accurate answer:

"You have bigger hands than her."

She then tries to head off the conversation before it gets too graphic. Before her dad can finish the sentence: 'When two adults want to have a child they have to...'

'Work together' she interrupts.

The conversation all gets too much for one boy. His mother only gets as far as saying: 'So when two people are in love....'

Before he covers his ears and says: "Don't say that again."

Another boy screams when his mum says that women have vaginas, and screeches when he learns about sperm.

Some of the parents' descriptions of sex are so cringe-worthy we can't blame the children for grimacing.

One dad says: "We took off all our clothes and we got inside the blankets so we were really warm and then mommy and daddy did a special dance and there you were, that's how you were made."

Another misguidedly decides to use his pocket to illustrate what happens 'when a man loves a woman'. Although from the look on his face he seems to realise his mistake half way through the explanation.

"OK, see this pocket?" he says to his daughter. "OK, the pocket is the vagina and in order to have a child daddy has to put his penis in the pocket."

His daughter responds in the only appropriate way, with a simple 'Ew.'

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