09/01/2015 07:29 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum's Eardrum Shattering Reaction To Spider On Curtains (Video)


A fear of spiders is a perfectly natural thing (or is that just us?). But there are limits to one's reactions, surely?

Not in the case of the mum in this video – whose response to finding a spider on her curtains is both extreme and utterly hilarious.

The two-minute clip shows mum-of-four Jennifer Marlowe, 27, waving a brush at her drapes and trying to bat the spider out of the window as one of her three daughters films the antics in their Vancouver home.

In the background – screaming their heads off – are daughters Madison, nine, Hailey, seven, Sophia, seven, and son Aiden, three. All of which prompts pet British Bulldog T.J. to join in with a cacophony of barks.

To be fair, this wasn't your everyday harmless British house spider – but a wolf spider, which are known for their aggressive behaviour when threatened and can grow to up to four inches in size.

Yes, most definitely an arachnid you'd prefer outside than in – hence the Marlowe family's unusually OTT reaction.

But back to the video...finally, after two minutes of bashing the spider with a broom, it falls to the floor, prompting more ear-piercing screams as the mum and kids clamber on to a bed before scarpering from the room.

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The spider's ultimate demise was revealed by husband Tim Marlowe, who jokingly told the Mail: "Jen sprayed the spider with spider spray, and it ran and hid. The next day she found it dead in the bathroom - another large event at my house."