11/01/2015 18:29 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Easter 2015 Dates To Put In Your Calendar


Easter falls on the first weekend of April in 2015. Good Friday will be on April 3, Easter Sunday on April 5, and Easter Monday - you guessed it - on April 6. The earliest Easter ever recorded was in 1818, when Easter Sunday fell on March 22 - but it hasn't reoccurred in the nearly 200 years since. The latest Easter on record is April 23, which happened far more recently - 1943, to be precise.

That means that Easter 2015 falls solidly in the middle, giving you plenty of time to prepare without leaving you in despair over the wait for the year's first bank holiday.

If you fancy entertaining your kids, friends or family with some Easter-themed fun, look no further than Parentdish for a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of Easter.

Having the family round for Easter lunch? No problem, we have three cracking variations on traditional Easter lamb, including an old-fashioned roast as well as two clever twists.

And in the meantime, keep everyone going with some homemade Easter biscuits (great for getting the kids involved). Or how about chocolate and orange hot cross buns - intriguing, eh?

When you're all too full to eat any more, blow off some steam with Easter-themed crafts like making a pop-up chick greetings card or decorating your own eggs.

If it's just a quick laugh you're after, we've got that covered, too. Check out our brilliant gallery of bizarre Easter photos (courtesy of Awkward Family Photos), featuring egg hunts gone wrong, cringey family portraits and the most terrifying Easter bunnies you'll ever see.

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