Ken Morley Branded 'Disgusting Racist' By 'Celebrity Big Brother' Housemate Alexander O'Neal's Wife, Over Offensive Comments

Alexander O’Neal’s wife has hit out at his ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemate Ken Morley, branding him “disgusting” and “racist”.


The former ‘Coronation Street’ actor was at the centre of a race controversy this weekend, after viewers saw him using offensive language about people of African descent, which Alexander warned him was not acceptable.

Alexander O'Neal

“This man is not stupid, this man is ignorant. Those words would not come out of someone’s mouth unless they were racist.”

Ken was shown being reprimanded for his “wholly unacceptable comments” during Saturday night’s show, having also offended some of the female housemates when he described the ‘CBB’ bathroom as “the best place in the world to look at arses”.

Ken Morley

However, while he was warned that continued unacceptable behaviour could lead to his ejection from the house, on Sunday night viewers saw him complaining that he was fed up of “political correctness”, which he said had gone too far.

Chloe Goodman also faces the boot, alongside soul singer Alexander, having both been picked by Katie Hopkins on the first night of the series.

Jack Dee

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