Facebook's 10th Anniversary: How Profile Pictures Changed Your Life

Facebook's 10th Anniversary: How Profile Pictures Changed Your Life

The Facebook profile picture - probably still the ultimate statement you can make about yourself without saying a single word.

It shows friends you're pretty, ex-boyfriends they're idiots, everyone from school you're the best. Like a kind of gateway drug to the selfie, the profile pic got us angling and pouting long before Instagram.

I can track how I went from social media moron to "look-how-awesome-my-life-is-no-really!" social media addict in profile pics. What a difference a Harvard dropout and a decade has made...

1. (Left) My first ever profile pic back in 2006 with my big sister. Bloated face? Check! Unflattering yellow backdrop? Check! But the picture has been taken by an actual photographer and that's better than anything I can do myself, right?

2. (Right) On a train back from Brighton, bizarrely posing with nail varnish for boyfriend of the moment. Am much too clueless to know what it takes to produce a good profile picture so put this on Facebook. No one's really looking anyway.

3. (Left) In Budapest with my best friend, showing early signs of good selfie comprehension! Have just discovered this chin angle. Excited about what a svelter-looking jaw will do for my profile.

4. (Right) First I'M-FABULOUS! profile pic. Have realised I can use Facebook to make my life look brilliant. I'm at a fancy party! I've got hot friends! We're all in a photo booth!

5. My first celeb selfie! Me: "This will make me look SO cool on Facebook". Tinie Tempah: "This girl's super close to my face." Despite crap fringe, proceed to make this my profile pic for much of 2010 - decide celebrity element cancels out damp heatwave hair.

6. (Left) Best ever profile picture! Good hair, drawn on moustache (am working at Tatler and we all have them. It's a long story).

7. (Right) Worst ever profile picture! In a nutshell: A two week bender ends in a field in Suffolk at Latitude Festival. Am holding on to the cider for dear life. About an hour after this picture's taken, I meet my future husband. Despite being completely awful, make this my profile pic to show I'm cool enough to go to festivals *cringes so hard, almost dies*.

8. (Left) On my hen do! Wearing a plastic veil! Hey all you ex-boyfriends, how d'you like me now?

9. (Right) Wedding day. Mine. Excellent opportunities for endless profile pic options. Have been on a diet for six months and am rocking the best blow dry of my life.

10. Me! Ben Affleck! Me and Ben Affleck! I know what you're thinking: why is this picture bigger than the one of me and my husband on the happiest day of our lives? 10 years of Facebook profile pic mentality, baby. You know what I'm saying - you'd do the same.

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