The Ultimate Games Console Costs $2500

This is the Origin Omega, it is by all definitions, the most powerful and the most expensive games console you can get for your living room.

Costing over $2500, this gaming PC is quite simply the best of the best. You'll get four Intel i7 processors (all overclocked) and 2 of NVIDIA's GTX 980 graphics cards - both of which will set you back around $1000 just on their own.

So why would you spend such a ludicrous amount of money on video games? 4K.

This thing can output the very latest games at 4K, something that even the Xbox One and PS4 can't do. That means silky smooth frame rates on the biggest games all on your massive 4KTV.

It's an exciting prospect but it does beg the question: Would you spend over $2000 on the world's best games console?