Yes, Belfie Sticks Exist

Yes, Belfie Sticks Exist

Vanity reached new heights when Kim Kardashian announced she had penned a book called Selfish featuring 352 pages of her own selfies.

Belfie Stick

Selfie obsession aside, we can't mention Kim without that bottom, and for those who want to follow in her bum-flaunting footsteps, we introduce you to the Belfie Stick. It's like a Selfie Stick, only it lets users get the perfect angle for that snap of their derrières.

Photo-based social networking site has created the device to ensure you achieve the best belfie to snap, share or Instagram. It works on a bluetooth timer basis, and comes with a handy hinge half way up the stick to help you get the perfect angle, without strain on injury. Yes, seriously.

If you're looking to take the perfect belfie this could be the tool for you. Just be sure to check who you're sending them to, to avoid any embarrassing incidents like this girl.


For those that haven't brought into the selfie craze just yet, this is a tool that has the potential to change how we view our backs and backsides, checking for any problems we think may be apparent but can't quite reach.

Still not sold? Be prepared for more belfies to grace your Twitter and Instagram feeds. This photo craze just doesn't want to leave us alone.

Want to get your hands on the Belfie Stick? It costs around $80 (that's £52) and can be purchased here.


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