13/01/2015 09:53 GMT | Updated 13/01/2015 09:59 GMT

Brian Harvey Smashes Up His East 17 Platinum Discs In Protest At Music Industry's ‘Weird Paedophile World (VIDEO)

Former East 17 singer Brian Harvey has released a video of him smashing up the platinum discs he was awarded during his time with the band in a protest against the music industry.

A caption accompanying the video reads: "This is what i think of you all. Fuck your record industry, and fuck your weird paedophile world. Fuck you."

Brian Harvey in the 20 second clip

In the short clip, entitled ‘Fuck The Industry’, the 40-year-old is seen in an alleyway carrying a commemorative plaque awarded for 1 million East 17 sales.

Before smashing it to pieces, the singer turns to the camera and says: “East 17 one million sales – this is what it means.

“That’s what I think of your fucking music industry.”

Brian (front, centre) with his East 17 bandmates

Last year, the singer attempted to gain access to Downing Street armed with a folder of ‘evidence’, demanding to speak to David Cameron.

One witness said: "He was shouting that the binder was ‘evidence’ of how much money the govt had stolen from him," the shocked onlooker wrote.

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