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My Apartment: Camille Benett

Video director and musician Camille Benett is one of our favourite embodiments of 1990s style, channelling a thoroughly Courtney Love-era kitsch/grunge aesthetic through her videos (for clients from Big Deal to Axtone), music (she's in band Throwing Up) and home interior.

She had us round to the Hampstead flat she shares with her artist boyfriend to talk us through her Pinterest boards and how they combine their different tastes.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

How long have you lived here?
Four years. About 15 years ago it was my mum's shop, she had a dress agency here where women would come in and sell their clothes. It's great because she has all this funny old 90s Moschino and Sonia Rykiel that she has passed on to me. Although, Moschino have started making all that stuff again now...
How would you describe your interior style?
Lots of hand-me-down furniture! My boyfriend used to work for Martin Miller, who made Miller's antique's guides, so when he lived in were always surrounded by great antiques. Everything I have is quite pink and girly and then it's mixed in with Dmitri's stuff, which is all Elvis-themed, country vibes. It's a funny combination.

What's your biggest luxury at home?
Flowers! Fresh flowers. I go to the florist next door every week. I love fresh roses, and also the Diptyque Tuberose candles.

What at your flat can't you live without?
My cat. He's called Prince of Fleas because he had a load of fleas when we got him. His mum was called Jason, they thought she was a man until she got pregnant. I love him.

What do you and Dmitri do here to relax? I know that you love a bit of home decorating.
I play music, write songs, things like that... and we do a LOT of DIY. Dmitri is very handy, he redid the whole bathroom, and we do quite a lot around the house generally.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

Apart from markets and charity shops, where do you find your furniture?
I buy a lot of things online although I've had to stop buying stuff from Made for a bit because otherwise it's going to look like their showroom in here. I'd quite like to have antiques but, because of the space, it suits a more mid-century vibe in the living areas.

Living by Hampstead Heath must be great; what do you like about the area?
What's not to like?! Yeah, I love the heath and I go for runs there quite a lot. Plus, the shops are great: Sandro, Hobbs and Zara Home... There's a great deli next door and a little Italian restaurant down the road called Mimmo La Bufala, the guy who owns it is always in there and he's a laugh. And the Octavia Foundation charity shop is also really good.

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson

What are your favourite interiors? Do you look to hotels for inspiration, or have any that you particularly like?
Christmas at Claridge's was fabulous. I'm loathe to talk about it because it was almost too good. Generally, I like hotels but they're never very cosy and Claridge's really was.

Where else do you find inspiration? I've seen your Pinterest board. I know you love that...
I read Homes & Gardens magazine, then Country Living around Christmas time. But yeah, I deeply love Pinterest. Lauren Rayner said that my Pinterest board was The Bible... I have so many boards: living areas, bedrooms, gardens, bathroom, kitchens... and then I delete stuff that isn't relevant anymore. I am a very active Pinterester, I do it whenever I can't sleep. I also have a board called Dream Living that I don't want in my home now but might want one day, like a walk in wardrobe with those weird velvet poufs.

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