Public Sex Spots Revealed: The Top Ten Places Outside Of The Bedroom Where Brits Get Frisky


When it comes to sexy time, it would appear that many Brits don't want to be confined to the bedroom.

Instead, they're opting to get jiggy with it in all manner of public places: airplanes, parks and toilets included. In fact, some have even opted to 'get it on' on the dance floor of a nightclub. Talk about no inhibitions.

Additionally, the research by an online pharmacy revealed that 72% of Britons say - much to our surprise - that they enjoy the risk of being caught in the act. asked 1,855 British people - both male and female - about their public sexual conquests over the past year.

The respondents were first asked: “During the last year, did you have sex in a public place?” to which more than two thirds (67%) stated that they had done so. Kinky.

Those who said "yes" were then asked to list all of the public places in which they’d had sexual activity during the last year. The answers may (or may not) surprise you...

10. Planes (11%)

Top 10 Places People Get Frisky

After revealing where their most public sexual acts had occurred, respondents were then asked to explain the attraction behind having sex in public places.

Answers ranged from enjoying ‘the risk of being caught’ (72%) to ‘the spontaneity’ (69%) and ‘the taboo nature of having sexual relations in public’ (52%).

Lastly, they were asked whether they'd ever been caught in the act while out in public, to which more than half (53%) stated that they had. But, it didn't put them off - with only 12% stating that they wouldn't do it again.

Meanwhile the remaining 88% gave the thumbs up to giving it another go.

Wowsers. We'll never look at a fitting room in the same way again...

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