Windows 7 Is Finally Dead As Microsoft Kills OS Support

Windows 7 Is Officially Dead

Are you still running Windows 7?

You shouldn't.

Microsoft today officially ended mainstream support for its ageing last-gen operating system.

Released in October 2009, the OS was generally well received, though seen as a fairly conservative upgrade after a long line of middling misteps and outright blunders by the world's biggest PC software maker.

What we're saying is, Windows 7 was no Windows Vista. And since the release of the even-more-divisive Windows 8, it has become something of a cult hit for gamers and custom PC makers, though we'll admit that is an odd thing to say about an OS that powers 100 million PCs, or roughly half the machines in the world...

So what does Microsoft ending official support for Windows 7 really mean?

First, it won't break your machine. Second, it won't mean that you can't get updates and support for it. Microsoft will also issue security updates as needed.

What it does mean is that Microsoft will not offer free support and help if you have issues with it, and will not be adding new features. Instead it will be hoping you transition to Windows 10 (out later this year) when you can, or even its much-improved Windows 8.1.

The good news is that if you're willing to pay for any support you may need, Microsoft won't end "extended" support for Windows 7 until 1/14/2020.


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