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How I Got My Dream Body With The 'No Scales' Diet

Alyson Larkin, 33, is a beauty therapist from Gourock on the west coast of Scotland. In 2013, she signed up to a 12-week online fitness and diet plan to get the body she had dreamed of before going on holiday to Australia. Alyson achieved her goal - she went from a size 14 to a size 8 in six months. A year after her trip Down Under, Alyson explains how she stuck to the challenge and reflects on her new way of life.

"I had a great time on my holiday in Australia - after months of detoxing, I drank all the bars in Sydney dry! Although Australia is a lot more advanced when it comes to promoting healthy eating, I put on 10lbs in the three and a half weeks I was there. I wasn't working out at all.

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"I jumped straight back into the plan I'd been following (Frank's Personal Training) when I got back home in March but I found it really tough for the first month. I was snacking on things I wouldn't usually eat - it was a different way of life to the one I'd become used to.

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"I was struggling with losing the holiday weight I'd put on so Frank told me to stop weighing myself - that was the best advice I was given last year.

"He launched his 'no scales' plan in the summer and it's been really popular with all the members. We don't talk about what we weigh or our measurements. We share goals and achievements through video diaries now and it's been really liberating. I don't know what I weigh now - but it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. The plan is really powerful - weighing yourself all the time can really mess with your mind.
Alyson Larkin

"I'm still a size 8 and I've now got the abs I wanted. I eat three big healthy meals a day - I stick to all natural food - and although nothing is off limits, I haven't really drunk alcohol since returning from Australia. I'm doing intense weight training three or four times a week. I'm actually in the process of becoming a personal trainer! This is my normal way of life now. I wouldn't change it."

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