14/01/2015 14:32 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Olivia Wilde's Bum Is Too Nice To Play A Writer In Her Latest Film Says Critic

According to American GQ film critic Tom Carson, actress Olivia Wilde's bum is far too nice to convincingly play a writer in her new film Third Person.

The 30-year-old's latest big screen venture sees her play an attractive and intelligent woman who just so happens to get her ass out in one scene - but it seems this is overstepping the line for Carson because how could a female possibly have a great butt and a brain?

In his review Carons writes: "She's supposed to be a writer, but your belief in that won't outlast Wilde scampering naked through hotel corridors once [Liam] Neeson playfully locks her out of his room. With that tush, who'd need to be literate? Who'd want to?"

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His message with this short and impeccably stupid statement is enough to make even the most cool, calm and collected of women's blood boil.

Hey girl, have you got junk in the trunk? Then put down that book because you're certainly not going to need to be able to read at any point in your life. Get by on that booty alone and you're sure to have a successful career as, er, well anything that doesn't require basic literacy skills.

However, not one to take things lying down, Olivia responded to GQ in a truly inspirational way.

After seeing an piece calling bullshit on Carson's review by Jezebel the actress tweeted: "Kiss my smart ass GQ." Perfection.

If now isn't the perfect time to check out Olivia's nice ass we don't know when is...
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