14/01/2015 14:28 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Would You Wear A Google Smart Bra?

Functional fashion is becoming more and more popular. Who doesn't want their wardrobe items to look stylish and have a kooky-cool functionality we can use to improve our daily routines?

Thankfully Parisa Tabriz, the head of security for Google Chrome, is on the case - and she knows all there is to know about hacking prevention and security passwords too.

However, in the July issue of Elle, Parisa reveals her team is developing a new technology so the days of entering our own passwords to log into everyday platforms will become a thing of the past. Thank god.

What's next? Smart chips. These nifty little things will be placed into everyday accessories which can then be used to unlock various devices.

"I think phones are designed for men, because they're big and don't fit into your pockets all the time. But I'm always wearing a bra. I usually have earrings [on]" says Parisa.

The idea here is to increase user protection. Parisa flags up the need for smart chips being embedded into more than mobile phones, the kind of things that women have on them all the time.

A smart bra that will give you access to your computer? Now that's a starting point. But where would the chip go and would it really work without having to, you know, take it off?

The questions are endless but it's a definite leap forwards from user-generated passwords. Would you wear one? Let us know what you think on Twitter @MyDailyUK

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