15/01/2015 12:24 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Breastfeeding Mums Donate Milk After Baby's Mum Died

Baby bottle on a table.

Dozens of breastfeeding mums have donated their milk to a baby whose mum died from a heart attack when he was five months old.

Liz Marquez, 32, had planned to breastfeed her son Brixton, who was born prematurely, for at least a year before she suffered a cardiac arrest on December 7 and was taken off life support nine days later.

The mum-of-five's devastated friend Kristina Pulistar quickly rallied other local mothers to help fulfil Liz's wish and they were only to happy to donate their own breast milk to feed baby Brixton.

And the moving story has so touched the hearts of other mums across America that more than 4,500 ounces of breat milk has now been donated – meaning other babies will also benefit.

The extraordinary response is all thanks to Kristina, 29, who launched the Milk for Brixton Facebook page following Liz's death.

She told CBS Los Angeles: "The first thought in my head was, oh my gosh, the baby. I knew that she was using breast milk with Brixton, and immediately I just went straight to finding donor milk for her."

Her campaign was then shared by breastfeeding advocate Vanessa Simmons on her website, Normalize Breastfeeding.

Brixton's dad, Brian, told Vanessa: "I know how important it was to my wife that our child be purely breastfed for at least one year. I feel it's part of my commitment to carry that goal out for my wife."

Kristian said Liz was determined to provide breast milk for Brixton, who was born prematurely at just 32 weeks, because she saw how much it 'helped him through his many trials in the beginning of his life'.

However, Liz had struggled to produce enough breast milk to feed Brixton and began using milk donated by local mums.

Milk for Brixton has now received more than 4,500 ounces of milk and has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a deep freezer to store the milk and fuel for drop-offs and pick-ups at 13 locations near the Marquez family's home in Diamond Bar, California.

Kristina said he response has been 'unbelievable' and said she hopes to help other families with babies in need of breast milk.

She said: "I would even like to help infants who have mothers with illnesses that prevent them from being breastfeed. I want to make a difference and normalize donor milk sharing!

"Liz was an amazing woman and mother. Her children were her world. She always held them close and did everything for them."

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