Best TVs At CES Were Thinner, Smarter And Ran Android TV

CES 2015 was the year that TVs went from being huge slabs of light that cost you a fortune to being incredibly thin of light that still cost you a fortune but made you want them.

The TVs at CES weren't just updated, they were showing off the absolute pinnacle of technological achievement whether it was 3D, 4K, Curved or HDR.

From Sony's insanely thin 4K television to the electric skateboard that promised to fulfil our childhood dreams.

TVs are now smarter than ever before running Android TV while the technology within them continues to impress. HDR is the next big thing confirming that it's not how many pixels you have, it's how you display them.

Of course there were no shortage of pixels with 4K remaining the gold-standard for TVs. Of course that'll never last for long and even LG was showing off its first 8K TV.